If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, Dr. Costas Apostolis and his team can help:

    • Do you ever leak urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze, exercise, run, or engage in sexual relations?
    • Do you ever feel that you can not “delay” running to the bathroom?
    • Do you ever find that if you don’t get to the bathroom fast enough that you will have an accident?
    • Do you wake up at night to urinate?
    • Do you feel that you don’t empty your bladder after urinating?
    • Do you feel pressure in your vagina?
    • Do you see or feel a bulge in the vagina or rectum?
    • Did anyone ever tell you that your “bladder has dropped”?
    • Did your physician tell you that you need surgery for incontinence or pelvic prolapse?
    • Do you ever have to change positions or put your fingers in or around your vaginal area to help urinate or have a bowel movement?

What is a UroGynecologist?

This depends on the type of surgery performed. In most cases, patients are discharged either on the day of surgery or within 24 hours. No one is “pushed” out of the hospital, and  Dr. Costas Apostolis can usually arrange for a visiting nurse to check on patients at home.  Dr. Costas Apostolis has a very low rate of post-operative infections. This is partly because patients leave the hospital quickly, decreasing the risk of picking up “hospital acquired infections”.

Yes. Many physicians employ “rules” that ensure they only operate on extremely healthy patients. Dr. Costas Apostolis knows that the “average” patient is not always thin, young, or without medical problems. Having trained and worked at some of the nations best medical centers, Dr. Costas Apostolis is an expert in taking care of “high risk” patients. Working with the patients own primary care providers, Dr. Costas Apostolis can usually prepare even the sickest and oldest patients for successful surgery when indicated. All of the hospitals that he operates at have specialists who help him manage complicated patients.

No. Less than half of Dr. Costas Apostolis patients end up with a surgical procedure. Most patients can be successfully managed with medication or a pessary. Some patients are referred to physical therapists who specialize in pelvic floor disorders and incontinence treatment. Dr. Costas Apostolis is committed to keeping patients out of the operating room. Unless it is absolutely indicated, Dr. Costas Apostolis will never tell a patient that they “need” an operation.

Yes. In almost every case other than laparoscopy, a spinal or epidural anesthesia can be used. This is always discussed prior to surgery and face-to-face consultation with the anesthesiologist can be arranged well in advance of the operation if indicated.

Yes. This is a perfect time for concurrent procedures. Patients only need one anesthesia, and operating room costs are usually significantly lower. Labial re-shaping, and vaginal tightening can be done by Dr. Costas Apostolis. If “tummy tucks”, liposuction, or breast surgery is desired, Dr. Costas Apostolis can recommend some of the top plastic surgeons in the OH area to participate in the surgery. Insurance will usually cover a large part of the costs.


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